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"Superior" grade – includes the highest graded pipes I've made. Also, in this section are included pipes from curtain design lines such as "Organic", "Aristocrat" etc. These lines are defined to combine both innovative design, stunning grain and high level of execution. Because of it's matter, it is rare to see more than several pipes per year in this grade.

The pipes from this section come out with handmade tamper in matching finish and a leather pouch.

Each pipe is specifically priced in accordance.

Please, contact us for details. 


"Regular" grade - simply very good pipes. Variations on classical shapes and semi/fully rusticated pipes as well. Here are included pipes with Flame grain and mixed but exceptional grain, freehands, some classical shapes. 

The pipes of this grade come out with a pouch.


      Approximate prices in Euro:

"Author" line: 155 - 245 Euro

      "Freehand" line: 125 - 165 Euro

      "Classic - Freehand" line: 115 - 155 Euro

      "Mini" line: 115 Euro

      "Rustic" line:  75 Euro. 



To convert in other currencies, go to  http://www.xe.com/

Retailers, contact us for your price. 



"Specials" - This section includes pipes, that have something unusual and extraordinary, or it was made under

special order or requirement. The grading of the pipes here may include both high grade's and regular's as well.




Superior” grade is stamped with “HANDMADE” and has been hand signed with the “Getz” logo. The pipes from "Organic" and "Aristocrat" lines are additionally stamped with specific marks.

Regular” grade is stamped with “HANDMADE” and has a stamped logo “Getz”. Appears the stamp “ * “





The pipe's price includes shipping via Bulgarian post office service (recommended, air mail) worldwide. 

Under special request we can ship via DHL, UPS or EMS.

(The price of the shipping via DHL, UPS or EMS should be additionally charged.)

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