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As I remember,  I do create and make things since my 8th or 9th year old - first it was different wooden toys for me and my friends, then some more difficult toys and models with motors or remote control etc. This led to the next logical step -  it became an studying process in my College of arts and design in Kazanluk, where I was able to improve my skills and learn and develop it in higher level. This education helped me to become a student of industrial design in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria five years later. During my studying there I had the chance to learn more and become highly skilled silversmith - a good friend of mine taught me the secrets and beauty of this craft. Some of my early jewels can be seen on "design work" page. In that time I've met my future wife - she was a student of architecture in Sofia either. Both from the same town, being even a neighbors before, it was our first meeting since the last good 10 years...  Being skilled and handy loving man I was helping her as I can - we have made together most of her models of buildings under her projects as a student. We still work together in that field, and there from comes my "architecture" page.

In 1995 I've successfully graduated The Academy and all the life was just a hand away...

Within the next few years I've been doing different things, including getting married, working in some advertising agencies as graphic designer /DDB Needham for Bulgaria, SWING comm./, getting more familiar with my computer and some CAD software, working in tourism business in Prague /I've improved my English well then/, etc.

My pipe adventure started in the late 80's when  together with a room mate we've bought our  first pipes. It was a cheep 1/2 Bent Czech factory made pipe, the only we could find on the market. Guess what kind of tobacco we smoked then - nothing to do with the tobacco I smoke today...

The funny thing is that the idea of starting MAKING pipes came from the same country - during our four years stay in Czech republic I've decided to start making a pipes as a way of living. Since the end of 1999 I think of myself as a pipe maker first and then all the other... I've never regret my decision up to date, no matter how difficult it is to be a full time pipe maker, especially here in Bulgaria, or what my wife says when we get short with the money :-))


Some of my activities can be seen on "Participations" page above left.

The "Design work" page contains some silver jewelry and other things I've created trough the years.

On "Architecture" page are displayed some 3D architectural renders of projects and similar things.

Enjoy it.

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