The Calabash inside system in GETZ pipes is a system of two chambers, conected by the smoke hole - the first one is the tobbaco chamber, then comes the second chamber (same or biger as the tobbaco chamber) and it is placed within the shank. The purpose of it is to provide cool smoke and to disperse/collect the condens on the concave inside surface of the stem.


The principle of operation is based on the expansion of the smoke as a result of which it was cooled and freed of condensate which is deposited on the walls of the second chamber and the top of the mouthpiece. The following diagram illustrates the structure of such a pipe with a second chamber.

As short pipes lover I have been thinking on this idea for a good couple of years, and after seeing some of Michail Revjagin's "Bees", finally I've put the things together into one of a kind small sized Calabash pipes I call "chubby CALABASH INSIDE series". The Calabash principle, incorporated into the poket size of these pipes provides a unique experience of a small, poket sized nosewarmer with the advantage of a real Calabash pipe in appearance of smoke (more about classic Calabash pipes here).

I am currently developing variations of the most known "classic" shapes with Calabash inside system.


A variation of a shape I have made some years ago turned out very good, when applied Calabash inside system.

The result is a "Cherrywood like" shaped Poker sitter with bottom Ebonite tap and Spigot mount stem, wich enhances even further the effect of the Calabash principals - not to mention how easy it is to maintain and clean it.


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